**Updated** Social Protection Provisions for Covid-19

**Updated** Social Protection Provisions for Covid-19

A great deal has changed in the two weeks since the first raft of #Covid-19 supports were introduced by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.  I travelled to Dublin last week to attend a briefing on these measures along with spokespeople from other parties. What’s clear is that these payments have been designed very quickly, and that where there are gaps identified, the department will react to address them.

I’m revisiting the information posted a fortnight ago to bring it up to date.  If you have a specific query or if you’re having trouble accessing a payment, let me know – marc.ocathasaigh@greenparty.ie is best for now.

Firstly, they’ve simplified the form you need to fill in. However, don’t go to your local Intreo Office (or the Dole Office, in old money) – they’re asking people to do this online if at all possible.  You’ll find the simplified form here (and if you don’t have access to a printer, contact me and I’ll arrange to have one posted out to you):


If you have lost your job due to the Corona crisis, there is a specific Pandemic Unemployment Benefit you can apply for.  The details are here:


The majority of businesses have now been advised to close.  In order to allow businesses to keep employees on the payroll, which will hopefully allow businesses to re-open quickly once the crisis has passed, the department has introduced a Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme.  It’s important to note that an ‘inability to pay’ clause has been removed – so employers who have a few bob in the bank needn’t worry about losing their savings or cash reserves. Find the details of the scheme here:


If you have had your working week shortened as your employer reacts to the current situation, you may be able to claim for the days you are not working.  You find those details here:


If you are a person who has chosen to self-isolate during the crisis period without having a diagnosis of Covid 19, and whose employer is still operating, can find specific details of supports here:


If you have to take time off work to care for someone who affected by Covid-19, you can find details here:


Self-employed people, who normally have to wait for a number of months before they become eligible for social welfare, are entitled to apply for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) in the same way as employees.  You will be asked to self-certify that your business is closed for the period in question. You’ll find those details here:


And, God help us, if you are actually on sick leave due to the Corona Virus, there is an enhanced Illness Benefit payment available to cover your period of self-isolation.  Depending on certification from your doctor, this payment can last up to 10 weeks. This requires a specific form – the IB1 form.  If you need help accessing this, contact me.  You’ll find those details here:


There are any number of ways that people mightn’t fit in with any or all of the payments above.  If you’ve found that your situation is different and that you’ve fallen through the cracks in some way, please get in touch so that I can relay your concerns to the department.

Remember the Intreo offices are closed – either complete the forms online at mywelfare.ie or print them off and post them in.

And mind yourselves. Ar scáth a chéile a maireann na daoine.

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