New Grants Available to Households in Gaeltacht na nDéise

New Grants Available to Households in Gaeltacht na nDéise

Households in Waterford Gaeltacht areas with an interest in becoming host families for the first time can now apply for up to €6000 as a new start-up grant.

Minister of State for the Gaeltacht and Sport, Jack Chambers TD announced that his Department is now accepting applications from eligible Gaeltacht host families who would like to register for the first time to provide accommodation for Coláistí Samhraidh across the country.

Along with an overall increase of almost 20% in the daily grant payable by the Department to accommodation providers already registered under the Department’s Irish Language Learners Scheme, this specific measure was recently announced to further support the Summer College system Irish.

Green Party TD for Waterford, Marc Ó Cathasaigh, who is himself a passionate Irish-language advocate, has warmly welcomed the announcement, saying:

“The pandemic has had such a disruptive effect on our young people, taking away many of their opportunities to meet and to socialise with others their own age. I have very fond memories of the two summers I spent in Coláiste na Rinne many years ago, and I’d still credit those stays for much of the Irish I have today. Many students have missed out on that experience over the last few years, and it’s great to see them returning now.”

“Staying with a local family, hearing the language as spoken in the household and in the area, learning the culture and traditions of the Gaeltacht community – these are enormously enriching opportunities for young people. And the benefits go both ways – it’s wonderful each year to see young people come into our Gaeltacht communities and to see the economic uplift that can bring as well.”
“I’d really encourage any households in An Rinn or An Sean Phobal that haven’t hosted students before to give it a go and make use of the grants that are available.”

The purpose of this increased grant – worth up to €6,000 or 80% of the eligible cost, whichever is less, is to encourage new eligible Gaeltacht host families to provide accommodation for students attending Coláistí Gaeilge.

Minister of State Chambers said:
“I am delighted that the Department is now accepting applications for the increased grant which is three times larger than before. Pursuant to this measure and the 20% increase I have already announced to the daily grant payable under the Department’s Irish Language Learners Scheme, I am happy that these practical measures will provide additional support to the Irish Summer Colleges sector.”