Have your say in the public consultation on the new Waterford City Bike Scheme

Have your say in the public consultation on the new Waterford City Bike Scheme

Green Party TD for Waterford, Marc Ó Cathasaigh encourages Waterford people to have their say in the public consultation on the new Waterford City Bike Scheme which opened last week and runs until September 30th. Deputy Ó Cathasaigh was speaking after the launch of the consultation which asks Waterford people for feedback on the locations of the proposed docking stations which will be located throughout the city. The City Bike scheme is due to be operational in Waterford before the end of the year.

Speaking after the launch, Deputy Ó Cathasaigh said:

“I’d very much encourage Waterford people to have their voices heard in this consultation which will help Waterford City and County Council decide the most appropriate locations for the new Waterford Bike Share service which is due to be operational in Waterford by the end of the year. There will be 14 docking stations dotted around the city in strategic locations in the centre and on the outskirts. The service is similar to the Dublin Bikes scheme which has been running since 2009 and which many Waterford people will be familiar with. Subscribers can pick up a bike at a docking station, cycle to their destination and park the bike at another docking station close by. The scheme is extremely effective in Dublin and will make it very easy for people to get around Waterford city by bike. It’s ideal for people who are commuting to work or college, moving between meetings or appointments or for any other short journeys around the city.”

“There are key routes in the city which will benefit strongly from this scheme which will get people on bikes and reduce traffic on the streets of Waterford city – in particular the Dunmore Road corridor and the Cork Road out to WIT and the Industrial Estate. This scheme will have a significant impact on CO2 emissions as we aim to have a Carbon Neutral city by 2040, it will reduce air pollution in the city, it will make it easier to get around the city, will reduce journey times and will bring health benefits to users. The increase in accessibility will also bring significant economic benefits to the city and our SMEs in particular. It’s a win-win situation for Waterford.”

Further information

The Consultation is available here: https://www.nationaltransport.ie/public-consultations/

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