Social Protection Payments, Covid-19

Social Protection Payments, Covid-19

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have a range of new measures in place to help workers and businesses affected by #CoronaVirus #Covid-19.

Firstly, they’ve simplified the form you need to fill in. However, don’t go to your local Intreo Office (or the Dole Office, in old money) – they’re asking people to do this online if at all possible.  You’ll find the simplified form here:

If you have lost your job due to the Corona crisis, there is a specific Pandemic Unemployment Benefit you can apply for.  The details are here:

If you are an employer who has had to shorten your employees’ week or has had to close for a number of weeks, there are supports available for you to continue paying your staff if you can afford to do so.  You’ll find those details here:

If you have had your working week shortened as your employer reacts to the current situation, you may be able to claim for the days you are not working.  You find those details here:

Self-employed people, who normally have to wait for a number of months before they become eligible for social welfare, also have new rules in place.  You’ll find those here:

And, God help us, if you are actually on sick leave due to the Corona Virus, there is an enhanced Illness Benefit payment available to cover your period of self-isolation.  You’ll find those details here:

The department is doing an excellent job in rolling out these measures.  However, the language can be complicated, and many people applying now may never have done so before.  If someone you know is finding the forms difficult to get their heads around, that’s a great way for you to help someone.  I’m happy to help in any way I can as well.

Remember the Intreo offices are closed – either complete the forms online at or print them off and post them in.

And mind yourselves. Ar scáth a chéile a maireann na daoine.

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